Removing Pins from LEGO Keychains

If you’re like us, you snagged a copy of 5004928 Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman and thought “man, wouldn’t it be amazing if one of my minifigures could strut around town in this kiss-covered white tuxedo?”

You know you thought the same thing.

Also, if you’re like us, you’ve heard rumors about the ways in which you can convert a keychain minifig into a useable minifig. There are a lot of techniques we’ve heard about, but one resonated with us — soldering iron. And because our life’s motto is “only one way to find out”, we decided to record our experimentation.


The verdict? If you remove the rest of the keychain first, a soldering iron is an incredibly easy way to convert a keychain into useable fig pieces (although they all have a neck connected to the leg part). Give it a shot (just be safe with hot tools!).


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