Meet The Ladies

We are Kelley & Kat – sisters who share a love for LEGO®bricks, shenanigans, and talking passionately about LEGO®brick-related shenanigans (enter: this blog). We are KFOLs turned AFOLs, and still build together (via FaceTime & in-person when we can), even though we live 2,800 miles apart.

What is “Ladies Who LEGO®“? (or is it “Ladies, Whole GO!“?). You may have heard the phrase “ladies who lunch“, and, well…. we’re not much for high society lunch dates at fancy restaurants, but we ARE into LEGO®. Just as “Google” is used as a verb meaning “to search using a Google product“, we have found ourselves using “LEGO®” as a way to say “the act of playing and building with LEGO® bricks“.

If you’ve made it here – thanks for visiting! We promise there will be more content soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this short stop-motion of one of our childhood LEGO®-shenanigans (The flip chart was found by Kat in our childhood LEGO® stash, and yes, we absolutely did reference a South Park episode in a court case going on in our LEGO® city).

Dramatic retelling. Minifigs in this skit are unpaid actors. The story is real.